Saturday, September 18, 2010

Why smoke cigars?

   There are many reasons to smoke cigars, and depending on who you ask, they may be very different. For some, they grave the taste and the essence of the cigar. Others may simply be feeding a need for tobacco. For some cigar smokers, it is simply an excuse to do nothing; it is an excuse to sit around with good friends and shoot the shit. I fall into that category.
   Don't get me wrong, I like GOOD cigars. I would not consider myself a cigar aficionado by any stretch of the imagination, but I grew out of my Swisher Sweet and Black & Mild phase long ago. I want something enjoyable, and I'll spend $6 to $10 for a quality cigar. I want a good taste and pleasant aroma, but smoking a cigar gives me time to just sit down and chill out. The size of the cigar dictates how long I'm going to chill out. Sometimes I enjoy sitting by myself with a cigar and class of bourbon, but more often than not I enjoy a cigar while hanging out with good people and close friends.
   The golf course is a great place to hang out with good friends and smoke good cigars (and drink good beer when I don't care about the score), but sitting out behind the fire station or around a camp fire is where it's at my friend. You can learn so much about people while smoking cigars and talking about random things. Heck, with a nice long cigar you can solve all the world's problems. It is amazing how many new and good ideas I have heard about things while sitting around smoking. I think smoking a cigar puts everybody in the same frame of mind. Not with opinions necessarily, but everyone seems to be a little more open to thoughts and ideas. Everyone is more relaxed and easy going. Everyone is doing the same thing ... nothing. Just sitting around smoking a cigar and enjoying each others company. I am not encouraging anyone to pick up a bad habit, if that's what you call smoking one or two a month, but for those who need an excuse to take a break, walk into your local cigar shop and have them recommend one.

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