Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Utah and Vermont

   My wife and I played a game tonight. How many states can you name in 6 minutes? It sounds easier than it is. Of course I boldly stated, "I can name all 50." Boy was I wrong. I did come close though. 48 out of 50. F---ing Utah and Vermont. How is it that a grown, college educated adult cannot name all 50 states? Isn't that something we learned in 6th grade? I mean, I could not only name the states back then, I could name the capital too. AND ... the capital of every country in the world! I guess it's true. If you don't use it, you loose it.
   If you are wondering where we got the idea for the game, it was from the TV show, "Friends." Those of you who follow my wife's blog might know how she is obsessed with that show. That's a whole different blog though.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Stories from the Fire House

   I know I said I would try not to blog about work, but this is one of those cool stories that I have to tell. The more I think about it, work makes up a huge part of my life, so naturally I have a lot of stories from work. I have a good one today.
   When a couple of the guys from the previous shift went to their cars this morning, they found that their cars had been broken into. Who rips off firemen??? A total douche-bag, that's who. One of the guys was lucky and had nothing in his truck to steal, but the other guy had a nice camera stolen. The police were called and the investigation began. Fortunately, there are cameras all around the station and the jack ass not only walked in front of two of them, he looked directly at them giving us a very good description. It seemed like something you'd see on "World's Dumbest Criminals." We watched the video footage for an hour. It was kind of creepy realizing how bold criminals are. This guy saw the cameras and didn't seem to care. He checked out every car and even walked to the front of the station and looked inside. He was seen on camera at 1:30 am, 3 am, and again at 6 am.
   As the police went out searching for any sign of the suspect, they were called to a home invasion around 10 am. Since the suspect fit the description, all the guys here at the station were very interested in the call. We switched our radios to the police frequency and listened as an officer engaged the suspect in a foot chase right down the road from the station. We all ran outside hoping the chase would head our way, but the police nabbed him without our assistance. We were mildly disappointed that we didn't get a chance to exact a little of our own justice. I mean he did rip off two of our own.
   We were called to the scene where they caught him since PD had to taze the suspect, and we did get to witness PD rough the guy up for resisting. The suspect eventually confessed to the crimes and showed PD where the stolen goods were. It was cool to see justice served and our co-workers property returned. Damn fine police work. 
   This may not be the kind of story you'd expect to hear about a day at the fire house, but it was very exciting and unique for us. That's one of the best things about this job ... you never know what to expect when you come to work.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Me ... a blogger?

I know, I know ... those who know me would not in a million years expect me to blog, but I have been encouraged relentlessly by another blogger to give it a try. "What do I write about," I ask. "What ever comes to mind ... random things," she says. I certainly do have plenty of random thoughts zipping through the ol' noggin, so here I am. I plan on sharing my random thoughts, opinions, and cool activities. Now that I turned my twin beds in to bunk-beds, I have so much more room for activities. My biggest concern is that I will find myself blogging about nothing but work, but I am going to try to keep the topics off work unless it's something totally cool. If you feel the urge to advertise on my blog spot, let me know cause I plan on getting rich off this s--t like Perez Hilton.