Wednesday, September 22, 2010


   I'm not obsessed with blogging or anything, but I feel like I should blog about something since I haven't blogged since Saturday. So ... what does someone blog about when they've had a boring week? I could blog about my anniversary since it's coming up Sunday, but my lovely wife has this whole anniversary week theme; I don't want to steal her thunder. I would blog about work, but my current position as an instructor does not yield many exciting adventures. So let me tell you about my inability to deal with boringness.
   I know so many people that LOVE doing nothing. Sitting around watching TV or napping suits them just fine, but I fidget if I have nothing to do for more than an hour. Where did I get this characteristic? I don't think I was always like this, but I was a busy body as a kid I guess. I was always playing ball, or capture the flag, or something until bedtime. I blame it on my job. My current position as an instructor, although not as exciting as fighting fire, is extremely busy. I am non-stop from 0600 until 1700, and my day is typically planned out minute-by-minute. I am so use to having things to do all the time that when I don't, I have a difficult time adjusting.
   I have been getting better. Now that two of my favorite shows are back (House & Always Sunny), there are at least two nights a week that I do nothing but watch TV. I put my computer down (except during commercials) and chill out. Anyone have any suggestions?  

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