Monday, September 13, 2010

"Sounds like somebody has a case of the Mondays..."

   Well I sure as hell do! First of all, who likes getting up to go to work on Monday? At 0445??? At least I enjoy my job. Secondly, I feel like crap. I guess even my super immune system cannot withstand everything. Thirdly and most significantly, what a sh---y weekend for Atlanta sports fans. Braves LOST, Falcons LOST, Georgia Tech LOST (not that I care much about that), and worst of all, the DAWGS LOST!!! What's up with that? I was really looking forward to gloating about UGA's superiority to all the Tech fans I know. I did have a great time in Columbia though. It was my first UGA away game, and it was ... different. Although I had a great time, I certainly wished we were in Athens.
   Traffic in Columbia was terrible. We didn't have time to park and tailgate which may have been a contributing factor to the loss. I mean, tradition is tradition and we broke it. The stadium was nice. Our seats were as far up as you could go, section 507, row 43, (literally, if you went any further up you'd have a 200 - 300 foot drop), but we still had a great view. We saw every play that the Cocks made, and every tackle the Dawgs missed. That's not fair. It's early in the season. The fans were slightly obnoxious, but honestly UGA fans can be way more obnoxious to opponents. At least the Braves get a few chances to set things right this week.

Here's to the week getting better! Go DAWGS! Go Braves! 


  1. So sorry Chad. Maybe you can become a fan of Seattle sports? Seahawks won, Huskies won, and Storm won their first game of the finals. Mariners are a sad story though. I hope all is well with you?


  2. Aww...I'll make your day better! xo