Friday, October 22, 2010

The Last Five Minutes

   I am working on a lengthy blog detailing my adventures in the Rocky Mountains, but in the mean time I want to throw something out there. Have you ever noticed when you are on a plane that people usually only talk to each other in the last five minutes? Why is that? It's kind of sad how society has become so isolated and unsociable. People don't want to initiate a conversation up front and risk having to talk to you the whole ride, but they don't want to be remembered as a total doucher, so they figure ... if I talk to them the last five minutes, and they'll remember me as a friendly person. I don't want to be that guy, so I try to talk to the person in the first five minutes. Hey, where ya goin? What do you do? It's just small talk, but this could create amazing opportunities. What if the guy next to you turns out to be the CEO of a huge company and in your talk he discovers that you have a certain quality his company needs? Never mind the fact that the CEO is in coach where I usually sit. I'm just saying, what if?
   I'm not advocated that you talk the person's ear off, but why not open a dialogue which can be opened and closed civilly at any time? Next time you're on a plane, or train, or any means of public transportation talk to those around you. You may be surprised at who you meet.

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  1. If someone sitting next to me on a plane asks me, "where are you going?" I'd say, "the same place you're going." LOL