Monday, October 4, 2010

Bird boasts new BLOG title but winds up on the 10-day DL

   Holy swollen knee batman! The only good thing that came out of our softball loss tonight is the new title of my blog. It certainly wasn't the ball that almost decapitated my patella, or the one that could have broken my jaw, or the one I just said F--- it to and watched go into center field. I know it wasn't the 17-4 shellacking we took, so yup ... it was the new title.  I have to thank the man who created the new title, Mr. Andy Lane. One of G'nnett's finest! I have to give the team some credit though ... we are getting a little better. We definitely had some fun.
    Who wants to bet on how big my left knee is by morning? It begs the question, is the pain and potential for serious injury worth it? I think so. I never want to use the, "I'm gettin' to old for this," saying (at least not until I'm 30). I love playing competitive sports and can't imagine going too long without playing softball or baseball or ping pong. Bruises will heal, and muscles will recover. As long as no one looses an eye ball, we're doing all right. That's right, I said eyeball. Big deal, wanna fight about it? 

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